Having Something To Say…

img_1169Due to a combination of choices I have made and situations I been involved in over the past 5 years or so I have gradually got on track to figuring out some stuff, which has actually got me to a stage where I actually feel like I have something to say.

To start with this list is as much for me to remember the inspirations as it is to introduce what I want to discuss in no particular order:

People – Music – Technology – Careers – Breathing – Exercise – Intuition – Learning – Reading – Travel – Experiences – Motivation – Ambition – Nutation – Routine – Discipline – Family – Time – Rules – Self Worth – Basic5 – Eccentric vs Introvert

Initially I was going to split the categories up into different pages but actually one of the points of spending time on this is to bring my thoughts together as they are ultimately all connected and have made a difference.

Amongst many others, there are two people who although couldn’t be more different, have inspired me to get this up and running.  An eccentric and an introvert, both with their pros and cons like any other.