Caught Out!

A fundamental basic that has transformed my interaction of people is the understanding that people are not out to catch me out or judge me.  What happened to put me in a mind set that I had to be perfect in all situations and never fail or have to be corrected.  A genuine fear of having any kind of flaw simply meant that I would do anything it took to avoid standing out in a crowd, just in case.  What did I think would happen?  Would everyone stand up, gather around me and point, laugh and shout “Wrong”.  As soon as I gained some faith in other people and realised that the worse case scenario was completely unrealistic the pressure reduced.  It is still there, however I won’t let it stop me from trying something new or avoid certain social situations like before.

Inspiration came from a recent trip to The States where I met a few people who had real unashamed excitement about life.  Is this a British attribute that has been installed in me that we mustn’t been seen to be showing off?  There is a fine line between expressing yourself positively and boasting, however my partner pointed out that because I’m an introvert, even if I feel that I might be crossing the line I would only be coming across as positive & excited.

With this realisation, I am now more likely to say Yes and imagine the situation in a positive light or even better not attempting to predict the future and enjoy the excitement of the unknown.

This feels like it’s only part 1.


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